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Monday, September 29, 2014


maaf kepada para pengungjung, pihak penulis gagal untuk menterjemahkan kerana kesuntukan masa, dengan itu jika ada apa-apa masalah gunakan kamus untuk lebih memuaskan dan dapat menghayati apa yang di nyatakan oleh Mahathir kepada Najib.

THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) continues to sit. Unlike the Parliament and the State Legislative Assemblies, the KKA has no recess and its members receive no salary and allowances.
Among members involved in the last several sessions were (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, two other former Umno ministers, several bloggers, journalists, corporate sector executives, retired policemen, padi farmers, Bumiputera car salesmen, young leaders of Umno branches, a Chinese doctor at a private hospital and an ex-stockbroker.

Among issues, facts and recommendations discussed were:- 

1. When (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote in his blog on Sept 10 to announce that he had withdrawn support for the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, he wasn’t being rude or rash. He had informed the PM of that before hand.
2. Weeks before the blog posting, he wrote a letter to the PM outlining what he saw as the latter’s failure and stating that he could no longer support him.
3. In a KKA session with Dr Mahathir on Sept 19, attended also by two other bloggers - one of them is a former minister – the ex-PM said the points he raised in the letter were the issues the people brought to his attention.
4. He said not all young Malays are against Umno and not all non-Malays are against the BN. They are against the top leadership of Umno, the BN and the government. They even raised the issue of wives and spouses of these top leaders.

5. Only after he received no response from the PM that he made his stand known via his blog because he felt responsible to those who came to see him and asked him to bring their concerns to the attention of the PM.
6. Dr Mahathir told us that instead of responding to his letter, the PM sent an intermediary to ask him to withdraw it.
7. Dr Mahathir said he has done his part and it’s up to Umno and the people to decide the future of the PM but he did not believe Umno would act on its President. Umno President may be strong but the party is weak. 
8. The talks that Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin is tired and uninterested to be PM are unproductive. The DPM and Umno Deputy President should stop talking about being tired and wanting to retire. Instead he should up his ante as the voice of the ordinary Umno members in particular and the Malays in general.
Muhyiddin Should Up His Ante for Sake of Umno

9. A young executive and a former committee member of overseas Umno Club said younger leaders like Khairy Jamaluddin and Muhkriz Mahathir should be brave and open in defending the future of the bangsa and the country and fulfil the aspiration of young Malays and Malaysians. They should stop playing safe and becoming apple polishers. They should emulate young Umno leaders of the past like Dr Mahathir and late Harun Idris who took risk for the sake of the party and the country.
10. The hypocrites and the apple polishers should stop treating the rakyat like fools by saying that they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM. They should be replying to Dr Mahathir’s teguran. To say they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM is not the answer. To say time has changed is also not the answer. Dr Mahathir’s teguran are about policies and they need serious replies.
11. Dr Mahathir is not demanding respect. He is asking them to listen to the rintihan of the rakyat, mend their ways, be less corrupt, work harder and make Umno strong and respectable again. They should be with members instead of tugging ministers’ coattail.
12. Some elements of the mainstream media appears to have gone back to the Abdullah era by denying Dr Mahathir the right of reply. An Umno-owned Malay newspaper had commented on Dr Mahathir’s criticisms of Mohd Najib. But when Dr Mahathir sent a reply, the paper “refused” to publish his letter. The NST did the same during Abdullah’s era. 
13. The KKA laughed off Musa Hitam’s defence of the PM. Musa was being very personal. Dr Mahathir was talking about policies and programmes like the debt-laden 1MDB. Musa talked about personalities. Was he serious about defending the PM or just carrying on his grudge against Dr Mahathir?
14. Dr Mahathir was curious why 1MDB bought the ageing Independent Power Producers (IPPs) when the government could wait a few more years and get them “free”. Something is amiss!
15. A power executive who pioneered one of the IPPs not bought by 1MDB said, our IPPs are of the build, own, operate and transfer type. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are for 21 years in the case of gas-fired plants and 25 years for coal-fired with option for an extension of five years. If at the end of the PPA period, the IPPs fail to secure an extension, the plants are transferred to the TNB for a token sum, something like RM100. Some of the IPPs bought by 1MDB have less than seven years of concession period left. The IPPs already recovered their costs and made substantial profits. One source said within seven or eight year they recovered their investment. So selling their plants to 1MDB earned them huge bonuses or extraordinary gains. 

16. Why do we need 1MDB as a sovereign fund when we already have Khazanah? For whom is 1MDB? Why should 1MDB’s fund be kept abroad when MIDA is working very hard to attract FDI? Why was it so hard for the auditors to approve 1MDB’s accounts if everything is above board?

Why 1MDB when we have Khazanah?
17. Important Malaysians like Musa should stop taking the people for fools. For record, Musa could not work with Dr Mahathir and he resigned on his own accord, believing that Umno would beg him to comeback and forced Dr Mahathir to reject his resignation.
18. (Tun) Abdul Ghafar Baba was a loyal deputy but Anwar toppled him. Anwar really “sacked” himself with his behaviour and actions.
19. Dr Mahathir never really trusted (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Bagawi but was forced to accept him because he (Abdullah) was popular with Umno and Dr Mahathir needed someone to stand up to PAS.
20. Abdullah was not sacked by Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir was not even an Umno member then. Abdullah was forced to resign by Umno. But Umno would not pressure Mohd Najib to resign. 
21. Had Musa been a bit more patience and did not resign, he would have been the PM and Anwar would not have created the present mess had he waited for his turn.
22. Dr Mahathir had tried to advise Mohd Najib behind the scene in one-to-one meetings. Six months after the May 2013 general elections Dr Mahathir met him. Dr Mahathir said he told the PM that his election strategy was wrong. The PM was banking on his personal popularity and cash handouts. Dr Mahathir said cash did not buy votes but PM seems to believe that cash is king.
PM believes in his personal popularity
 23. Dr Mahathir said Mohd Najib did badly in 2013 – worse than Abdullah did in 2008. Umno got rid of Abdullah but not Mohd Najib. What lessons have Umno learnt? What has happened to the post-mortem? Has Umno make changes? These are the posers that “sincere” Umno leaders should answer instead of saying they respect Dr Mahathir and support the PM.
24. The government claims that our economic growth is among the best in the world. If so why is the national debt and personal debt so high? Government lives on borrowed money so too are the people. This is not a quality growth.
25. If the economy is doing well, why don’t the government reduce national debt? If inflation is low and household income is rising, how come less and less people can afford to buy houses? Even banks are refusing to approve loans for medium-priced houses.
26. The admission of this precarious housing situation is when the government is forced to go into housing but so far none of its projects have been completed. Both the chairman and CEO of Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) have zero experience in housing.
27. The repeal of ISA was a colossal mistake. Now Mohd Najib wants to do away with Sedition Act. Grass root Umno members don’t agree. Will the PM make another mistake by abolishing the Sedition Act?
28. A group of influential Malays had petitioned the Rulers’ Council not to agree to the repeal of the Sedition Act. The PM was at that meeting. Has he done anything? All that we hear is the mainstream media issuing daily propaganda on the proposed Harmony Act to replace the Sedition Act.
29. If we are doing well, why is the government so desperate about wanting to join the TPPA? Can our companies go to US to compete? Can the Bumiputera companies compete at home with American companies? The KKA appeals to Mustapa Muhamed to tell the truth about TPPA and the economy.
30. The KKA continues to worry about the future and quality of national education and the growing elitism of private education when Ministers, senior politicians and businessmen are clamouring to sent their children to private schools while telling the rakyat of the virtues of sekolah kebangsaan. Even a high achieving school like Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star has fallen off the ladder due to “political interference” at the expense of excellence.

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